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Mt. Þorbjörn from north to south

This route is very picturesque. The view from the peak is great and there are plenty of things to see on the way up. Mt. Þorbjörn (243 m), or Þorbjarnarfell as it apparently used to be called, is the town fell of Grindavík, very prominent from the Reykjanesbraut, where it towers over the steam from Svartsengi, […]

Mt. Þyrill in the Hvalfjörður Fjord

Þyrill is morphologically beautiful and magnificent as it towers over the Þyrilsnes peninsula at the bottom of Hvalfjörður. The precipitous mountain walls rise above the surroundings and underline how distinct Þyrill is from other mountains in the region. The hike to the top is not difficult and the view of the Botnsdalur valley and the […]

The Cone Shaped Mt. Keilir

Mt. Keilir is the signature mountain of Vogar and Reykjanes Geopark. Its unique cone shape makes the mountain stand out, and it is visible from afar. Mt. Keilir is a tuff mountain which formed in an ice age, in an eruption beneath a glacier which did not break through the thick ice. To get to […]

New Hollywood film

According to news from Hollywood a movie production is underway that will partly take place in Vatnsdalur Valley and Vatnsnes Point in North Iceland. It is the filming of a book called Burial Rites by author Hannah Kent where she told the story of the last executions that took place in Iceland through the eyes […]

Mt. Esja (Þverfellshorn)

The hike up to Þverfellshorn is the most popular one on Mt. Esja. A good trail lies from the car park at Mógilsá to Steinn (Rock). From there lies a path to the rocks (cliffs), around them and up to Þverfellshorn, where The Icelandic Touring Association has erected a dial with the names of the […]

Mt. Akrafjall

Most towns in Iceland have a signature mountain. Mt. Akrafjall is without a doubt the mountain of Akranes. It is an oval dome, stretches from the southwest to the northeast. It was formed during the activity in Hafnarfjall central volcano, and shaped by the ice age glaciers. Mt. Akrafjall is around 8 km long and […]

Fimmvörðuháls (Five Cairn Ridge)


The route from Skógar, between Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull, along Fimmvörðuháls (Five Cairn Ridge) over to Goðaland and Þórsmörk, is very popular. Its name is derived from five cairns which once stood there, guiding the way in dark weather. The sheep from the farms beneath the eastern mountains used to graze here during the summer, but […]

Hiking trails in the vicinity of Reykjavik

The Wapp offers many good options in the vicinity of Reykjavik. There are easy hikes and more advanced hikes, definitely something for everyone.

Winter sunrise from the slopes of peak Þverfellshorn of Mt. Esja.

Many like to consider the peak Þverfellshorn in Esja mountain as the most suitable hike since it is the […]

Graendalur and Reykjadalur

Reykjadalur valley in the mountains above the town of Hveragerdi is getting more and more popular. The reason is simple, the warm river of Reykjadalsa is very cozy and suitable for bathing all year. Despite often cold winds and lack of changing rooms people prepare quickly to get into the warm water.

The geothermal activity in […]

Glymur waterfall

Glymur waterfall is situated in the Botnsdalur valley in Hvalfjörður fjord. The river Botnsá runs from Hvalvatn lake and falls into the 200 m high Glymur canyon creating the waterfall. It has been described as the highest waterfall in Iceland but the exact height is somewhat disputed and the numbers 196 m and 198 m […]