Most towns in Iceland have a signature mountain. Mt. Akrafjall is without a doubt the mountain of Akranes. It is an oval dome, stretches from the southwest to the northeast. It was formed during the activity in Hafnarfjall central volcano, and shaped by the ice age glaciers. Mt. Akrafjall is around 8 km long and 5 km wide where it´s widest. The highest peak is Geirmundartindur, 643 m, the second highest, Háihnúkur, is 555 m. Between the peaks lies Berjadalur, a valley formed by glacial erosion, Berjadalsá river runs from it. At the foot of the mountain is a small dam and lagoon, which provides the locals in Akranes with cold water. Hiking Mt. Akrafjall is suitable for most people in reasonable shape in summer and autumn. The elevation is mostly comfortable all the way up to Guðfinnuþúfa, after that it gets a bit steeper and more difficult to the top. In winter you´ll need crampons and ice axes.

Of course the hike on Mt. Akrafjall is in the Wapp – Walking app.  After the hike it is ideal to visit the town of Akranes and have a dip in their geothermal swimming pool or shower in the warm showers on Langisandur beach.