The hike up to Þverfellshorn is the most popular one on Mt. Esja. A good trail lies from the car park at Mógilsá to Steinn (Rock). From there lies a path to the rocks (cliffs), around them and up to Þverfellshorn, where The Icelandic Touring Association has erected a dial with the names of the nearby mountains. It is imperative that you are careful on the rocks, and those who are afraid of heights should not take that path. In winter no-one should go up there without proper equipment, crampons and ice axes. That is a good rule to follow when hiking any part of Mt. Esja.
You can take a city bus all the way to this trail´s starting point, check the bus site for time tables.
The trail guide in Wapp-Walking app is courtesy of The Icelandic Touring Association.

The photos are taken in mild winter conditions. Please take care and note that the weather can be much worse up in the mountain than down at the parking area.

View to the sea from Mt. Esja

Going towards the Rock and Þverfellshorn peak.


On the way up to the Rock.