According to news from Hollywood a movie production is underway that will partly take place in Vatnsdalur Valley and Vatnsnes Point in North Iceland. It is the filming of a book called Burial Rites by author Hannah Kent where she told the story of the last executions that took place in Iceland through the eyes of Agnes one of the people executed. Those who are interested can download the route to Þrístapar (Thristapar) in the Wapp – Walking app and read the story and what happened before and after the executions.  The foreword to the route in the Wapp – Walking app is as follows:

“Many Icelanders recognise Þrístapar as one of the best-known places of execution in Iceland and the site of the country´s last execution and the most infamous one, the punishment for the murder of Natan Ketilsson. We shall travel through the events and their aftermath on the way there. In the car park, an information sign about the site and the execution has been erected. This is a very short walk, mostly on level ground and most people can walk it easily. You might step on wet ground or in some horse manure on the way and in the winter it could be icy.”



Minningarsteinn á Þristöpum

Minningarsteinn og hóllinn