Þyrill is morphologically beautiful and magnificent as it towers over the Þyrilsnes peninsula at the bottom of Hvalfjörður. The precipitous mountain walls rise above the surroundings and underline how distinct Þyrill is from other mountains in the region. The hike to the top is not difficult and the view of the Botnsdalur valley and the whole of Hvalfjörður is spectacular. You drive along the Hvalfjarðarvegur road (nr. 47) towards the Botnsvogur cove. The start of the hiking trail is clearly marked. It is a short distance from the river Brunná and the cars can be parked alongside the road. Situated at the start of the hike is a large cairn built in the year 2000 by Guðjón Kristinsson of Drangar at Strandir.

On top of Mt. Þyrill there is a great view over Hvalfjordur Fjord and the scene of one of the Icelandic Sagas.

The saga of Hörður and the Hólmverjar takes place in Hvalfjörður and tells of the blood brothers Hörður and Geir who get themselves in all kinds of trouble and end up as outlaws in Geirshólmi islet just off the Þyrilsnes peninsula. There they settled with numerous followers and regularly came to the coast and raided the rural areas. This continued until the farmers managed to delude them to come ashore at Þyrilsnes and kill both of them and most of their followers. Helga, the wife of Hörður, along with her two sons got away by swimming ashore close to the estuary of the river Bláskeggsá and walk over to Skorradalur valley by way of Helguskarð mountain pass in Þyrill.

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