The route from Skógar, between Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull, along Fimmvörðuháls (Five Cairn Ridge) over to Goðaland and Þórsmörk, is very popular. Its name is derived from five cairns which once stood there, guiding the way in dark weather. The sheep from the farms beneath the eastern mountains used to graze here during the summer, but that came to an end in 1917. Glaciers are always receding or growing, and around the middle of the last century when they started receding, remains of old cairns, sheep bones and horseshoe implements came from beneath the ice at Fimmvörðuháls. Many people walk the route in one day but it is possible to stay in a mountain hut overnight and take two days. The hut Baldvinsskáli stands at an elevation of 900 metres above sea level and is run by the Icelandic Touring Association. There is also a hut belonging to the travel association Útivist, it is located around 500 m west of the trail where it is highest. You need to book the huts ahead. It is also possible to use the huts for a short break, eat your lunch etc., if there is room, and a small fee is charged for that. Everyone is expected to be tidy and clean up after themselves. The route´s highest point is around 1100 metres, between the glaciers in Eyjafjöll and Mýrdalur. At this elevation, you can expect all kinds of weather, even winter conditions during the height of summer. Even if it is mild in the lowlands it can get very bad up here, people have died of exposure on this route. Early in summer, there is normally quite a lot of snow on the route, but nearer the end of summer, there is sometimes little to no snow, but heavy fog is quite common during the highest part of the trail. It is vital to be well equipped, warmly dressed, in good shape and carry plenty of food. There are no toilets along the way apart from an outhouse at one of the huts and dry toilets at the other one. Remember to put wrap up used toilet paper and bring it back with you, or light it on fire, so it won´t bother other hikers. The trail slopes more on the Skógar side, on the Þórsmörk side chains have been installed for support on the steepest part at Heljarstígur (Hell´s Path) above Heljarkambur (Hell´s Ridge). There you´ll need an ice axe and cleats if you are travelling during winter. There are also chains for support at Kattarhryggir (Cat´s Ridge). Apart from that, this route is fairly straightforward, older children often hike it with their parents. In spring 2010, there was an eruption at Fimmvörðuháls, two new craters, Móði and Magni, were formed, and lava ran over the old trail. The new one lies through the lava, in the Wapp trail we hike up Móði, you are encouraged to do the same if weather permits.

Last year the Fimmvörðuháls hike was published in the Wapp Walking app and it was one of the most downloaded hikes last summer.