Hjálpleysa (Helplessness) is a valley between Vellir and Skriðdalur near to the town of Egilsstadir in the East of Iceland. A mountain road with the same name lies along the valley and up between Mt. Höttur and Mt. Sandfell. The road lies up the valley and past a small cave called Valtýr´s Cave, close to a small creek. This is where “Valtýr in the green cloak” supposedly hid out after he robbed and murdered the envoy of sheriff Pétur in Ketilsstaðir in the first half of the 18th century. He stole food from the farms and kept away from other people and busy roads on his way west to Barðaströnd with his ill-gotten gains. The envoy was found before he died and managed to tell people that a man named Valtýr, wearing a green cloak, had done the deed, but then he succumbed to the 18 knife wounds Valtýr had given him. The only man in the area called Valtýr was a farmer in Eyjólfsstaðir who was subsequently arrested and tortured but never confessed to the crime. He was executed nonetheless. Fifteen years later the real killer was discovered and also executed after confessing. During his interrogations he said he didn´t recommend the Hjálpleysa road to anyone. You walk from the main road east of Gilsá, past the ruins of Hátún, an ancient grand farm where there supposedly 18 doors with iron fastenings. The rock walls are still visible. In the 19th century and old sword was found here, it was melted to make horse shoes and other practical things. Walking onwards you come to a level grassy field called Kálfavellir. Valtýr´s Cave is a small cave just behind a low ridge shortly to the north of Lake Hjálpleysa. There is a cylinder with a guestbook and a stamp just behind the cave.

The hike to Valtýr´s Cave is in the Wapp-Walking app and it is sponsored by UMFI (The Icelandic Youth Association).

The hike to Valtýr´s Cave is one of the hiking treasures of Fljótsdalshérað. The local touring club has selected and gathered the information on each treasure and walking routes. At each treasure destination there is a small cylinder which contains information about the place, as well as a guest book and a stamp. By stamping a special map which is for sale at various locations in the area, you can participate in a fun hiking raffle in the summer. Each map has to hold stamps from nine different locations. The map can be bought at Egilsstaðastofa at the campsite in Egilsstaðir, at the Touring Club headquarters in Tjarnarás 8, and at the Information Centre in Egilsstaðir.