Near Breiðdalsvik village in the East fjords is Streitishvarf, a hidden gem by the seaside. This short but beautiful walk in the Wapp-Walking app gives an insight into the geological history of the eastern fjords and shows how indestructible dykes and enclaves are. From the lighthouse south of Breiðdalur there is a wonderful view, the rolling waves and surf provide the background music year round. This is an outdoor area for the whole family, but be careful next to the cliffs by the sea.

There is information on various subjects in the route in the Wapp-Walking app and among them the tragic story of three boys.
South of Streitishvarf is Mt. Naphorn and Naphorn Cliffs beneath it. In 1784, three boys from Breiðdalur – Eiríkur 21 years old, Jón 20 years old and Gunnsteinn 18 years old – were going to spend a night in a small cave there. They´d all had a rough childhood and lived on many farms in the valley, now they planned to travel south to East-Skaftafell and become vagrants there. They stole some food from Streiti farm. Jón had a change of heart and decided to stay on in Breiðdalur, much to Eiríkur´s dismay who ended up by killing Jón. The other two then abandoned their plans and went back north. A few weeks later people started questioning them about Jón´s disappearance and they confessed everything. Gunnsteinn was sentenced to a life-long slavery for his cover-up, he died from ill treatment a year later. Eiríkur was sentenced to death and decapitated in Mjóeyri two years later.