The hike from Botnsdalur to Skorradalur is called Síldarmannagötur and is relatively well-known among experienced hikers in Iceland. It is considered a comfortable walk and sometimes people hike back and forth in a day. The view of Botnsvogur and Hvalfjörður, as well as Skorradalur and the lake is gorgeous and easy to get caught up in looking around on a clear day. The description in the Wapp contains stories and information which enrichen the experience of this beautiful hike.This is not a round trip, if you plan to walk back the same way you must double the distance. In winter there can be heavy snows in this area, especially further from the sea, which can impede hiking, and in spring and early summer the terrain can be really muddy. Apart from that, this is a comfortable hike, mostly on coarse roads and paths. You need to step across some creeks, but there´s no wading, except when during heavy swelling. Additionally it is possible to walk along Mt. Þyrill and look at the view from there. It is best to walk along the mountain on the south side and go the same way back.



At the top of Síldarmannabrekkur is Reiðskarð (Riding Pass) and you can add to your hike by walking along the mountain to the west. This is an easy walk, the rock layers of Mt. Þyrill are beautiful up close, and the view over picturesque Hvalfjörður is great. It is best to walk along the ridge on the south side and see how the view gradually changes. Hikers should keep away from the mountain´s edge if they hear of a wedding at the farm Þyrill beneath the mountain. According to myth, the mountain will collapse over the farm if a wedding of seven brothers takes place there. It´s not a particularly likely scenario, but one never knows.




From Grjóthlíð there is a lovely view down Litlasandsdalur Valley, towards Miðsandur and Hvalfjörður, with Mt. Akrafjall at the outermost edge. Quite a few buildings still stand in Miðsandur, the area was a hub of military activity during WWII, and later Hvalur hf. and Olíufélagið Oil Company took over and made use of the buildings towards the end of the last century. It is still used for the whaling process and as a oil supply station.

Síldarmannagötur goes over the Botnsheiði moor. It lies between Skorradalur to the north and Hvalfjörður to the south, Brekkukambur to the west and Veggir in the east. Botnsheiði is rather flat, sandy hills and wetland in turns. There is a good view from Tvívörðuhæðir (Two Cairns Hills) to Mt. Hvalfell and Mt. Botnssúlur. You can also see Hvalvatn Lake and Breiðifoss Waterfall is a white smudge north of Mt. Hvalfell. Mt. Veggir and Mt. Kvígindisfell are to the northeast of Hvalvatn Lake and behind them are glaciers. To the north you´ll see Mt. Baula, Mt. Ok and other mountains.