Mt. Kofri is the signature mountain of Súðavík and the trail to the top is in the Wapp – Walking app. The peak is magnificent, very prominent where it rises from the mountain´s edge, and visible from a far in Álftafjörður. It is especially recommended to view it from the viewing platform in Kambsnes. The locals are familiar with the energy which emanates from the mountain, some people say they can feel it at the top. According to myth, there is a Steinamóðir (Mother of Stones) in Mt. Kofri, allegedly birthing nature stones. Steinamóðir is a stone slab, hollow on the inside, from there new stones are created. It is particularly advisable to hike up here on Midsummer´s Eve, because then you might find wishing stones and other rare items by a pond on the peak. Whether you sense the mountain´s power or not, the view from the peak is extremely panoramic and diverse. You can see the village in Súðavík, around Álftafjörður, Ísafjarðardjúp and over to Snæfjallaströnd and towards Drangajökull Glacier.

The hike up Mt. Kofri is rather steep and rocky in parts in the ravine. The gap between the first and last hiker should not be too big, as the main danger on the way is from rocks which the hikers themselves inadvertently cause to fall. If the groups are not too large and fairly tight, the danger of this is minimal. The path is a bit difficult and those who are afraid of heights should not attempt it.