Gálgahraun (Gallow´s Lava) is a unique lava field in Álftanes, at the north end of Garðahraun at Lambhúsatjörn Pond. The lava originates from Mt. Búrfell above Hafnarfjörður. It is a part of a much larger lava flow from about 8000 years ago, known as Búrfellshraun. Other parts of it are for example Garðahraun and Hafnarfjarðarhraun. Gálgahraun gets its name from a few tall, cleft rocks called Gálgaklettar (Gallow´s Rocks) where allegedly criminals were hanged and buried. Gálgahraun has a very unique look, it is very rough and formidable. It is believed that scorching lava flowed onto a swampland south of Lambhúsatjörn Pond, and the fumes blew the lava apart, created craters and massive crevices in places and heaped up rocks elsewhere. Gálgahraun has many caves, rifts, recesses and such. Old paths lie across the lava, the best known one is called Fógetastígur (Sheriff´s Path), which this trail the Wapp – Walking app takes in, with a detour to Garðastekkur and from there towards Lambhúsatjörn Pond, onto Sakamannastígur (Criminals´ Path) towards Gálgaklettar. From there the trail gets a bit more difficult along the coast, to Eskines and back to the start. Those who want a more comfortable route can go back the same way to Fógetastígur and follow it back.

This trail in the Wapp – Walking app is sponsored by the town of Garðabær.