Mt. Esja (Þverfellshorn)

The hike up to Þverfellshorn is the most popular one on Mt. Esja. A good trail lies from the car park at Mógilsá to Steinn (Rock). From there lies a path to the rocks (cliffs), around them and up to Þverfellshorn, where The Icelandic Touring Association has erected a dial with the names of the […]

Hiking trails in the vicinity of Reykjavik

The Wapp offers many good options in the vicinity of Reykjavik. There are easy hikes and more advanced hikes, definitely something for everyone.

Winter sunrise from the slopes of peak Þverfellshorn of Mt. Esja.

Many like to consider the peak Þverfellshorn in Esja mountain as the most suitable hike since it is the […]